Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Seattle Fun

Jeff had a conference in Seattle this week, so I decided to tag along for the weekend. The weekend went way too fast, as usual, and now I am back to reality. Jeff, on the other hand, is still living it up! Here are some pictures of us at Pikes Place Market.
Check out the size of the shrimp and lobster tails! I couldn't believe how much seafood was there. These pictures make my mouth water.
There was a whole octopus on ice, as well as some crazy looking fish with it's tongue about to pop out. Yummy!

We went on a boat ride around Elliot Bay.

Seattle skyline + some lady's arm. Yes, my photography skills are amazing!We went to a baseball game - Mariners vs Red Sox. I think there were more Red Sox fans there then Mariners!

Finally, we went to the Space Needle, and had brunch at the rotating restaurant.

It was a great trip to Seattle, and the weather was great.
Thanks, John and Lezli, for watching the kids!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Our little mechanics

Jack and LK were working hard to make sure all of the tires on the toys were ready to go...while poor Eva was busy pushing Isabelle around.

Child labor hard at work :}

After getting their tires filled Isabelle and Eva were waiting for someone to take them for a spin.

Just Chillin'

Jack and Lily relaxing after a hard day!

After a little rest the game was on...