Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Updated video of Jack skiing

Jack is making good progress for his first season of skiing. He has ditched the magic carpet in favor of the chair lift. He keeps telling me he wants to go on the bigger hill (Apparently, he is already finished with the bunny hill)...I am still always getting in his way!


Ginger said...

So cute--my favorite part is Jack's arms--always out at his sides and flailing around! I lol. He is a good skiier! Tyler and I will have to go with you guys sometime, then I can stay on the bunnyhill with Jack and you guys can go skii the real hills. Jack will have to give me a lesson I think he is better than me.

catherine said...

Kori!!! I have been trying to find you for like a million years...ever since hawaii. I found your husbands facebook and then this link for your blog. you have a darling family.

Camilla said...

He's a natural. That is so cute.