Wednesday, May 19, 2010

1/2 Marathon

On our way down to the big race we got to stop and see great grandma for a little while. The kids always love seeing and playing at grandmas.
My big accomplishment for the year is last month I ran the Hurricane 1/2. Except for one monster hill it was a fun race. All I can say is that I finished and actually felt pretty good. Krystal, Marci, Susan, and Megan also ran it.
In order of finishers...
Marci and I
(The 2 pregos had to stick together!)
All of us after the race. Me, Isabelle, Porter, Megan, Krystal, Marci, and Susan

After the race we got to all relax by the pool for the rest of the afternoon. The only picture I have of the pool is Lily and Isabelle enjoying a little snack. We were all too busy soaking up the sun!


s.k.i.p. said...

way impressive.

Anonymous said...

REALLY!?! I didn't know you were pregnant... you best be calling me like tomorrow- and why in the hell are you running a 1/2 marathon? I would be sitting on the couch eating bon bon's

angie and graham said...

Wow Kori, running a half marathon while pregnant? You are now my new superhero!

Summer said...

yeah it pretty much makes me sick that you can run a half-marathon while pregnant... : )

Camilla said...

I'm with everyone else. . . totally impressive!

Jamie said...

Kori! Congratulations. What exciting news. And seriously? You ran a half marathon? Pregnant? Wow, I am totally impressed!

Miss you guys!